Replacement Amanaman Staff! - Store Exclusive!!

These Staffs are cast in redish/brown plastic and look near perfect- The skulls are hand painted. These Staffs only have slight Flex, they will break and are for display purposes only. This item is great for displaying or completing your vintage star wars action figure.
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Luke Skywalker Lightsaber (Slide Saber)

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Replacement Bespin Blaster

Replacement bespin blaster guns. This gun is cast in blue/green plastic, it is not painted! This Item displays Great!!! Limit 25 per order.

*Popular* Replacement StormTrooper Blaster

These blasters are black plastic and are great for displays and Army building These Guns are new.NOTE, ONLY 1 blaster is included. Please adjust quantity for the amount you need. I have bulk lots of 50 Available for $75