*Top Seller* Replacement Death Star Swing Rope


Tired of paying $30-$60 to complete those Vintage Death Stars? Here is your Answer!! They are a bit darker than the original but look great and fit very well. These ropes do flex to a slight degree, but are some what brittle. They WILL break though. I DO NOT SUGGEST FLEXING THEM

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*BEST SELLER* Replacement AT-AT Chin Guns

hese Guns Are Direct Replacements of the vintage originals. They are not a custom sculpt!!If you want your AT-AT's to look original these are the guns for you!!These Guns are cast in Clear and fit perfect. These guns are new, they were made in the late 1990'sThis Item displays Great!!!

*Popular* Replacement StormTrooper Blaster

These blasters are black plastic and are great for displays and Army building These Guns are new.NOTE, ONLY 1 blaster is included. Please adjust quantity for the amount you need. I have bulk lots of 50 Available for $75

*BEST SELLER* Replacement Millennium Falcon Jedi Training Ball & Arm

Dont want to spend tons of money to display a complete Ship?? Here is your answer!!! Up for sale is a Replacement Millennium Falcon Jedi Training Ball and Arm Set The arm is cast in grey and has great detail. The ball is cast in black, It is not a bead from a craft store. This item is great for displaying or completing your vintage star wars toy! This Item is New, it was made in 2006